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  1. inventors do not have to visit individual stores to secure shelf space
  2. inventors products get exposure online and in retail stores. Inventors with existing ecommerce sites can link to or acquire a website (low cost Prostores Express) at Ebay's
  3. inventors products get increased exposure in retail stores
  4. inventors may get distributors in hundreds of cities in several countries
  5. inventors can also become distributors and make extra cash distributing other inventors products alongside their own
  6. inventors do not have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing and licensing agents
  7. if a specific store is not yet registered the inventor may call the store and introduce it to

How it works

Inventors and suppliers (owners of invention or license, creators, consignors) register at and register their products.

Select a retail store and assign products
Inventors and suppliers can select a retail store or shelf space provider (doctors offices, hair salons, consignment stores etc.) and the required number of cubic feet for their product. Inventors proceed to assign the product to the retail store.

Pay for shelf space
Every time a product is assigned to a store a request for payment is sent to the inventors email. Inventors receive a Paypal request for fee payments via e-mail from the retail stores. Inventors proceed to pay the request for payment.

Deliver products to store
Once the product is assigned to a store and the shelf space is paid for the product information (product photo, product description, online price, store price, retail stores where product is available) can then be viewed by the public. After paying for the shelf space the products can be delivered to stores in local areas by the inventors and suppliers.

Confirm product assignments
Inventors and suppliers must confirm their product assignments every 30days. Failure to confirm the products assignments will remove the products from the public search. Inventors and suppliers continue to make monthly payments for the shelf space.

Refill inventory collect percentage on sales
At the end of every period (one month, two months, three months) the inventors and suppliers visit the store to refill the inventory and count the number of units sold in the presence of the store operator. The retail store keeps a percentage on sales and the balance is paid to the inventor or supplier.

Sell wholesale to distributors
Inventors and suppliers may also sell products to distributors all over the world at wholesale prices. These distributors assign inventors and suppliers products to local stores and make a profit. Inventors and suppliers may negotiate distribution areas (zip codes, postal codes etc.) directly with the distributors.

Sell online
Inventors and suppliers can also sell products online by providing a link to an existing e-commerce site or get a new (low cost Prostores Express) site at Ebay's

During the initial promotional stage the website will not charge any inventor registration fees, product registration fees or product assignment fees. The inventors, suppliers and distributors will have to pay the fees for shelf space at all times.

Each country is linked to one currency as follows :
Australia-AUD $, Canada-CAD $, Japan- JPY �, UK- GBP�, Eurozone -EUR �, USA and all the other countries- USD $